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James with his coven visited Forks to see the latest Olympic coven

James with his coven visited Forks to see the latest Olympic coven

During Siberia, the guy satisfied the new smell away from a beneficial werewolf, and you can frequently failed to know very well what it was, and you will chased it from the country.


When they did, he cong him or her, and with Edward’s protectiveness additionally the unanticipated presence away from Alice, the guy thought excited about doing his most enjoyable have a look previously and decided to will Bella without exceptions following end of Alice-the new victim he never ever have got to. Even though Victoria don’t believe it was smart, he nonetheless stuck together with his bundle together with the lady dig up factual statements about Bella, although betrayal out-of Laurent is actually unexpected. tgpersonals username He had been furious together with defection, but in their rush to locate Bella just before someone said to transform the lady, he defer vengeance until following the check.

Edward’s family attempted to misguide your using Bella’s scent, but he observed his hunches and wound-up inside the Phoenix in which Alice and you may Jasper was indeed securing their.

Once finding Bella’s dated address from inside the Phoenix, the guy ran to the girl dated home and you can dug from household ahead of contacting this lady. The guy made her accept that he had caught the girl mom and you will lured her towards the a trap in the her old dancing studio, where he savagely assaulted and nearly murdered the girl immediately after advising the girl from the their run into that have Alice. He had been troubled by just how with ease she are attracted, however, is optimistic you to Edward and his family’s seek revenge create prove alot more pleasing. He kept Bella that have cuatro busted ribs, a mind injury, and you may a cracked feet from where he stood with it whenever you are filming all of it to your videos cam.

Even with the lady opposition, James easily overpowered their by throwing her on the a wall away from mirrors and you may going on her behalf base. Seeing bloodstream trickle off their wounds, James in the end missing manage and you will went in for the latest eliminate. The guy piece this lady right-hand, which remaining a long-term chew draw, just before Edward, Jasper and you may Emmett eliminated him and you will lost your. Their venom is actually drained off Bella’s program by Edward so you’re able to prevent the woman off becoming an effective vampire. His remains was basically burned times later on, along with the whole ballet facility.

Midnight Sunshine

Inside the Midnight Sunshine, Edward found in James’s brain which he didn’t observe Alice up to the moment it remaining the cleaning, regardless if Edward was unable to influence his reasoning. If you are James try after the Edward, Carlisle and Emmett, he made sure to keep regarding diversity, much adequate to avoid Edward’s power regarding getting together with their attention. The complete big date, he thought (correctly) it to be a good ruse while they was best your aside from Forks. Once they offered pursue, James ran and you may averted them by making haphazard conclusion within his actions you to definitely led her or him then and further away from him, until the guy escaped for the a plane. At the same time, James made decisions to help you kill a couple of more folks after Bella: Laurent, who deceived your, and you may Alice, the brand new target the guy never surely got to.

In Phoenix, when he was about to destroy Bella, Edward burst through the doorway and you will was able to remove your aside, yet not just before he sank their white teeth into the the girl palm. Emmett controlled him and arrive at split your aside, even after James’s opposition. All of a sudden, Jasper emerged, using his control of attitude generate a vibe of fury and you may doom, making James see there was zero hope for avoid and he accepted his demise.

Physical appearance

James is named becoming 5’10” extreme, that have the typical generate and you may average-appearing on account of their obviously unappealing facial keeps, which generated his appearance less gorgeous than really vampires of the underworld. There is certainly nothing better on their deal with otherwise human anatomy at all, considering Bella Swan. He had light brownish locks cropped brief, and you can burgundy sight you to dim so you’re able to black colored into the boost from his hunger. His dress made up of blue jeans and a pale blue top, both frayed that have don. The guy also moved barefoot to allow him to operate less.

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